Purge Systems

Major Air sells and installs all types of purges made by various manufacturers. Major Air recommends the Redi high efficiency purge combined with a Cryo-Line refrigerant absorption canister as a very cost effective way to meet current purge legislation.

Major Air stocks parts for the Redi Purge

Major Air sells and installs Redi reseating Rupture Seal valves. There are valves that are either backup to the rupture disk or stand alone Rupture Seal valves used without a rupture disk. If there is an overpressure of the chiller refrigerant side so that the rupture disk bursts then the re-seating valve disk will reseat to save some of the refrigerant as the pressure subsides within the vessel.

Refrigerant Monitoring

Major sells and installs refrigerant monitoring systems. Major Air recommends infra red type systems as they are the most reliable system for detecting a refrigerant leak at the TLV-TWA value of the corresponding refrigerant.

Purge Collection System

To comply with Ontario Provincial and Federal regulations a purge collection system must be combined with your high efficiency purge system. Major Air system recommends the Cryo-Line purge collection canister. This Canister collects and traps all refrigerant from the purge exhaust. When the canister cannot trap any further refrigerant the canister is exchanged. The full canister is returned to Cryo-Line, where the refrigerant is removed from the canister media.