Upgrade your control panel to the latest microprocessor control.

  • Your centrifugal chiller can be upgraded to the manufacturer’s newest microprocessor or to anyone’s microprocessor control panel. Upgrade your starter from electro-mechanical to a solid state starter.
  • If your electro-mechanical starter has had an electrical disturbance, so that one of the contactors has to be replaced then sometimes a new solid state starter can be installed for close to the cost of repair on your old starter.

Upgrade your compressor to a new more efficient compressor.

  • A new more energy efficient compressor can be installed, when converting some of the older centrifugals that are installed in a hard to access location for a new chiller. Upgrade your starter to counter pilot relay failure in the closed position.
  • Some centrifugals have one pilot relay in the starter. If that pilot relay welds so that the relay cannot open, the centrifugal cannot stop unless the main breaker is opened and the machine will continue to run until it destroys itself. Upgrade your starter to eliminate star delta resistor burnout.
  • A special circuit breaker can be installed that is more reliable in preventing the starter from staying to long in the transition mode, and that in turn, causes the resistors to burn out. Upgrade your chilled and condenser water system so that your operators can set the proper velocity & GPM of water through the tube bundles.
  • In a chilled water system where there are two or more chillers in parallel a number of pumps can be run at the same time. If all valves are left open to all chillers, the return water of the chiller that are off line will mix with the supply of the working chiller, and the supply chilled water temperature will be too high. If the valves are closed on the chillers, that are not on line and too many pumps are running the velocity of the water through the chiller on line can cause tube erosion. Flow meters can be installed across each chiller bundle (Evaporator and Condenser) so that the exact design water flow can be determined for all chiller operations.